These 5 Patio Trends for 2022 Will Refresh Your Patio

These 5 Patio Trends for 2022 Will Refresh Your Patio

The importance of outdoor spaces has been highlighted in recent years, and these 2022 outdoor patio trends will provide plenty of inspiration. It’s a fantastic opportunity to plan a little refresh or a full renovation of your deck or patio now, even if you’re only thinking of outdoor living in the dead of winter.

We’ve listed the trendiest outdoor trends for 2022, including the most popular colors for any outdoor living space, the best furniture, and the most up-to-date decorative items. Prepare to be awe-struck!

1. A relaxing area should have a minimalist design and natural hues.

When it comes to popular patio and deck design trends for 2022, the old adage “less is more” is extremely true. The unrestricted views of your backyard, landscaping, and surroundings are enhanced by the simple, clean lines and reduced bulk.


Thin metal rails, lighter wood finishes, or whitewashed/grey stains draw attention away from the deck and allow your surroundings to shine. You can also add some color with outdoor pillows and custom-made cushions, or stick to the basic design and use natural hues.

2. Outside, modular furniture has taken over.

Outdoor modular furniture is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s simple to change the style of your outdoor living space with sectionals that can be quickly reconfigured and bespoke patio cushion replacements.


Look for furniture and outdoor decor with natural-looking features, such as wood, eco-friendly poly-rattan, and macrame, to create a minimalistic style.

3. Ditch the traditional grill.

For individuals who enjoy entertaining, propane barbecues have made way for larger, more inventive outdoor kitchens. Outdoor living spaces in 2022 will be dominated by cooktops, wood-fired pizza ovens, and bar settings.


Outdoor kitchen bars, where you may dazzle your guests with your culinary prowess, are another trendy idea for 2022!

4. Use deck lighting to create a relaxing ambiance.

Deck lighting will be one of the hottest outdoor decor themes in 2022. Lighting is a low-cost approach to change the appearance of almost any outdoor area.


To set the ambience and generate lighting for evening functionality, place strip lights across a railing to illuminate a walkway, or string bulb lights along a pergola or posts.


Deck lighting makes it so much easier to enjoy your deck, and it’s one of the main reasons why outdoor lighting will never go out of style!

5. Vertical gardening gives your outside space structure and nature.

Even on a small balcony, a vertical garden can make the most of your outdoor space. Think again if you’ve always wanted to add a little more nature or a herb garden to your home but believed you didn’t have enough room.


This 2022 outdoor patio trend can be exactly what you need to make your place appear larger and more inviting. It might even give your new minimalist style a more natural feel! To get started, try some of these vertical gardening ideas.


With these top patio trends for 2022, you can quickly update or reinvent your outside space. Try repairing your patio cushions, adding neutral colors with outdoor throw pillows, or going right into establishing a stunning vertical garden if your patio or deck is in need of a makeover. We’re confident that everything you do will be stunning!