Your eyes are drawn to the floor of the garage, where they discover cracks, spots, and chips that have a significant impact on both the appearance and safety of your garage.

When it comes to new garage flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, how do you choose a garage floor style? Which of these things is the easiest to keep tidy?

The following are the most important factors to consider when selecting a new garage floor coating.


You don’t have to settle with a boring gray garage floor any more. There are numerous colors and styles to choose from, so there’s one for every sort of garage. You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as metallic, chip, and stone, or go for a solid color like green, red, or blue instead.

There are numerous colors and textures to choose from, but it’s important to choose one that goes well with the rest of your garage’s decor. Make sure the colors and materials in your garage organization system are complementary, for example.

You can choose with a neutral color like black, grey, or white if you want to start with the garage floor coating and then add cabinets and storage afterward.


Even if you only use your garage as a place to keep your cars, you’ll still need a floor that can hold up under heavy traffic, impact, and staining.

When it comes to garage flooring, choose a sort of finish that can withstand the abuse you want to put it through.

The stain and chemical resistance of our polyurea floor coverings is one of its major advantages. In comparison to other materials on the market, polyurea is more sturdy and resistant, so you can expect it to endure a long time. A long-lasting material like polyurea is a sure bet no matter how you intend to utilize it.


If you drop something heavy in the garage, you risk getting paint all over your hands or staining your floor with oil. So, no matter what happens, you’ll need a garage floor coating that’s easy to clean.

All common substances, such as gasoline, grease, and oil, have no effect on the surface of our garage floors. Despite the fact that our polyurea coatings are more durable than alternatives like epoxy and chemically resistant, the correct tools are still required for application. To protect your floors, stay away from harsh cleaners, clear up spills right away, and polish them if necessary.

Do some light upkeep on your flooring and they’ll look brand new for years to come.


The amount of time it will take to install should factor into your selection. As a matter of fact, don’t you want your garage to be usable as quickly as possible?

The installation of an epoxy garage floor usually takes three to four days. If you plan on driving a car on your epoxy floor, expect to be without it for up to five days. A year without your garage is a considerable amount of time to be without one.

It just takes 24 hours or less to install our garage floors since they heal quickly.

Organic Compounds That Are Volatile

Low water solubility and high vapor pressure characterize VOCs. Virtually all types of materials, including paints, have VOCs. A variety of health problems, including allergic responses, disorientation, and damage to the kidneys and liver, can be caused by prolonged exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Choose low-VOC or even VOC-free products when it comes to coating your garage floor. Installing and using these items is safer.


You don’t want to put in a new garage floor and then get hurt because of a slick or uneven surface. Slips and falls are particularly hazardous for the elderly because of the increased fragility they possess. Falls are the leading cause of injury and mortality in the elderly, according to the CDC.

Choosing slip-resistant flooring for your garage should be a top priority even if you’re not an older adult. Slip resistance can be added as an extra layer of security as an add-on feature.


The time of year you want to have the garage floor built is an important factor that many people overlook when purchasing a new garage floor. When it comes to floor coating installation, the weather can make a difference. Weather conditions not only affect the installation process, but they can also have an impact on the cure time of the product.

Epoxy flooring requires more time to install, and the process can take considerably longer in the winter months. As the curing process is slowed by humidity, it might extend the time it takes to install. Installing garage floorboards is best done at roughly 75°F.

We do not have a season for applying our garage floor coatings, but we can do it year-round. As a matter of fact, we are capable of completing your new floor coating installation at temperatures as extreme as -120°F!


When it comes to large purchases, people may want the extra security that comes with a warranty. Considering your warranty choices is important if you’re shopping for garage flooring.

Is there a solid and worthwhile warranty on your garage floor? If a problem arises, do you think the business will stand behind its product and make it right

You should choose a business that offers a satisfaction guarantee and has a long list of satisfied clients to prove it.


It is possible to relieve some of the financial stress by financing your garage floor. If a garage floor company offers to finance, you might want to look into it. Spreading out your payments makes re-doing your garage a lot less stressful than it used to be.

To make an educated decision and transform your garage into an area you’ll enjoy spending time in, keep reading for some helpful advice on garage flooring.

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